Hi All,

I have a client who had an 11GB mailbox, I advised him best thing to make life easier would be to archive his emails to Local Folders up to a certain date and continue on with only 6 months of email. This was also to reduce load and costs for running his mailbox.

Problem I have is, I exported the mail from the server, created a TGZ and saved down locally to import into his ZD. ZD Craps out on the import. There are some "\" characters in some of his mail folders. Originally I imported his mail from outlook.pst and had no trouble bringing it in or exporting it.

Now on ZD that I try to bring it back in using .tgz format I get a "import started" and then nothing. No messages in the log or errors.

So, I've copied the .tgz (6.4GB) back to the server to import into a second account but I'm getting

/tmp$ zmmailbox -z -m user2@domain.com postRestURL "//?fmt=tgz&resolve=reset" MQ-Archive-All-2011-07-20-090115.tgz
ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (Broken pipe) (cause: java.net.SocketException Broken pipe)

I suspect it's getting held up on these characters again.. But Im not sure. This is a bit of an ongoing one, I have imported previously into the ZCS then connected ZD, Synced and copied the mail manually (100's of folders) into Local folders only to have ZD crash and erase all knowledge of the mail ever being there and ended up with half his mail missing from the server and none of it locally. He's been away and i've only got the laptop for one day this time. It's annoying and time consuming. 11GB of mail back and forth for syncing to the server and back to simply crap out is eating up hours! this is my third attempt to get Local folders with his archive file and I'm a bit over it, so is the client.

I can decompress the .tgz but I also get character errors on the decompression and it cuts out, I'll try this on linux as it may succeed there due to / and \ having different meaning. But regardless I'm stuck with a backup of archive mail that my client needs access to that I can't get to.

Thoughts? Ideas?

If I can de-compress the .tgz into .meta and .eml files, what is the best way to get em somewhere useful?

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