Hello all tried an upgrade from Zimbra 7.2.0 to 8.0.0 a couple of nights back and it suffered an Epic Fail.

NOTE i am going from memory as i had to restore zimbra from a backup and do not have the infos infront of me anymore.

The upgrade seems to go well, but reaches a point where it pops up the config screen you know the one with all settings menus 1. through 12. or whatever. It is asking me correct 2 items one is my license file which i fix easily by pointing Zimbra to a copy of my license file in my /home directory a bit wierd that it cannot find its own license, but alas i do have a copy so no biggy fixed.

However the next item i need to fix is the LDAP authentication BES something something password it is showing unverified so try to set it but is still unverified so i select q for quit and Zimbra asks me if i would like to quit without saving the changes i enter Yes and it dumps me back to the command line.

PS i found a post about removing some lines in the zmsetup.pl file which i did remove the mentioned lines, but zimbra still broke at the same spot with the same BES error

Now Zimbra is totally broken and needs to restored from backup as the upgrade has not completed properly

Please help me complete this upgrade

PS maybe Zimbra should ask these questions before it destroys the current installation would save huge amounts of time effort sleepless nights ect