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Thread: Backup Hanging

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    Question Backup Hanging

    I am using Zimbra 4.0.0 Network Edition.

    I have a full backup running that seems to have hung. Running zmbackupquery -lb backup-id shows the backup is still running but it does not say what account it is on. It has also been stuck on the same number 830 out of 7000 for quite some time. Trying zmbackupabort -lb backup-id does not seem to help either. Is there any other way besides a tomcat restart to cancel the backup that is in progress? Trying to run another backup simply fails because a backup is currently in progress.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Hi, you should get a thread dump with kill -QUIT <tomcat process pid> to see if any threads are stuck, and open a support ticket to continue investigating.
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    For the love of God, upgrade to 4.0.4

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