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Thread: mta, logger and logswatch won't start - also opendkim issue

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    Curently, I have mta STOPPED, and zmopendkimctl is not running

    Ideas welcome.
    I think what I had to do before upgrading from 7.2.1 to 8.0.1 was to uncheck 'Enable Milter Server' before doing the upgrade on my home Zimbra server. Which I'll have to figure out before moving my company over to 8.x.x because we use it with MailArchiva.

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    We re-installed in the end but I assume it was some weird DNS mix-up actually causing this.

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    I have this same problem.. in my syslog, I found:
    Jan 19 02:06:42 mail kernel: [891813.817054] opendkim[27612]: segfault at 1f0 ip 00007faa382783c4 sp 00007fff930f2bd0 error 4 in[7faa3826f000+18000]

    the postfix mta was stopped.

    and in the mail.log this:

    Jan 19 02:06:36 mail /postfix-script[10155]: stopping the Postfix mail system
    Jan 19 02:06:36 mail postfix/master[27580]: terminating on signal 15
    Jan 19 02:06:54 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10343]: stop requested
    Jan 19 02:06:54 mail zmmailboxdmgr[26472]: shutdown requested, sending TERM signal to 26473
    Jan 19 02:06:54 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10343]: waiting for manager process 26472 to die
    Jan 19 02:06:57 mail zmmailboxdmgr[26472]: mailboxd/JVM process exited (waitpid expected 26473 got 26473)
    Jan 19 02:06:57 mail zmmailboxdmgr[26472]: manager woke up from wait on mailboxd/JVM with pid 26473
    Jan 19 02:06:58 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10343]: manager process 26472 died, shutdown completed
    Jan 19 02:08:12 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10789]: file /opt/zimbra/log/ does not exist
    Jan 19 02:08:12 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10789]: assuming no other instance is running
    Jan 19 02:08:12 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10789]: file /opt/zimbra/log/ does not exist
    Jan 19 02:08:12 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10789]: assuming no other instance is running
    Jan 19 02:08:12 mail zmmailboxdmgr[10789]: no manager process is running
    Jan 19 02:10:02 mail postfix/postqueue[11037]: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down

    to me, restarting the zimbra services work (until now, maybe in a couple of hours we have the same problem again).

    any way.. this server was working very well with zimbra 7.. now, after updte to 8.0.3 (exactily one week ago) we have this problem

    My system:
    "Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS" Linux mail 2.6.32-45-generic #101-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 3 15:39:38 UTC 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    with all updates and zimbra 8.0.3 without any extra zimbralets packages.

    well, if anyone have any idea, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by vavai View Post
    8.0.2 or 8.0.3? AFAIK, 8.0.3 haven't released yet?

    I have no problem with opendkim in zcs 8.0.2 on SLES 11 SP2 64 bit. Could you try to :

    1. Delete your opendkim key from the ldap server and DNS servers. This will put you back at the standard configuration of opendkim not doing anything.

    2. Did you have another existing opendkim package that conflicted with opendkim from Zimbra 8.x.x?

    3. I don't know whether your problem relate to this bug or no.

    sorry for my mistake about the version.. the correct version number is 8.0.2 (I need leave of take "caipirinhas" at breakfast). ;-)

    about the problem.

    1 - I don't configure the opendkim before... so, I wish that configuration is the default.
    2 - no.. I dont have other opendkim package here:
    $ dpkg -l | grep -i dkim

    3 - the error message is the same, but there dont have a solution too !! :-(

    at this moment, the problem is not very important, because only ocurred one time..
    but, my biggest preocupation is because I dont have idea of why make this problem and I need stay all time preocupate if the server is alive or not !! :-(

    thanks and attentive.

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