Hello Everyone,

I am facing a problem in zimbra filters. I have an account in zimbra that receives email for multiple email addresses. Now I need to create a filter to match an email address (say xyz@dom.com) when it occurs in To/CC.

Normally one would create a filter like this:

# Test Filter
if anyof (
 header :contains "to" "xyz@dom.com",
 header :contains "cc" "xyz@dom.com"
  ) {
    some action here;
The problem comes up when you have another recipient whose email address is some thing like: abc_xyz@dom.com. If you get an email from such address, it would be matched for the above filter. "matches exactly" cannot be used instead of "contains" in the filter because then the filter will not catch the case where the said email address is mentioned with other email addresses in the To or CC field.

I've looked around the forum and didn't find any one else facing this/similar problem. Any help/hints would be highly appreciated.