We - one of regional offices of the federal electrical power distribution company - recently we ran into inconvenient situation.

1. our power grid dispatch service need to inform the highest engineers and specialists in case of any emergency.
2. the fastest way is to send SMS
3. our mobile operator (MO) provides email-to-SMS gateway. Dispatcher sends warning message to specially formed list of gated mobile numbers (like +7person_number@our.mobile.operator.ru)
4. ZCS successfully delivers this message
5. gateway accepts only first recipient address and ignores or rejects others
6. dispatcher forced to send same email to several addresses. Or use his/her cellphone to SMS manually.

MO's tech-support ensures us that it is absolutely impossible to convert message with more than 1 addressee to several SMS.

May be they're right, may be they lies us, may be they have not enough knowledge of their own systems - it's not to my judgement.

But I'm almost sure that the Postfix included in ZCS can do the job: convert such single message into several ones, with only one recipient per message.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you!