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Thread: IMAP folders doubling after conn. w. OUTLOOK! Know problem, bus is there a solution?

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    Default IMAP folders doubling after conn. w. OUTLOOK! Know problem, but is there a solution?

    Hi community,

    I am not able to find a proper solution to the DEFAULT FOLDERS problem (IMAP).

    As we all know Zimbra has default folders "Sent , Trash, Drafts, Junk".
    After outlook 2010 connects to Zimbra IMAP, it creates it's own default folders: Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk Email and pushes them via IMAP to the server. Now we have doubled Sent, Junk, etc. folders in Outlook and Server.

    Zimbra does not allow modify its Default folders and uses them for web client, Outlook does not allow modify its own default folders and uses them for mails created in Outlook. So for a user who uses web client and outlook some sent mails appear in "Sent Items", other appear in "Sent", etc..

    Is there a solution for a client to use both - Outlook and web client without this folder doubling ???

    1. The Best would be dissalow creation of folder named as "sent Items" in server.
    2. Second best (at least for me) would be disallow folder creation under IMAP root "/". To allow new folders only in Inbox, for example. This would stop Outlook from modifying Imap root "/".
    3. Another sollution could be could be folder mapping in server, for example: Sent <> Sent Items. The folders would still be doubled, but client could unsubscribe fom doubled frolders with outlook. This doesn't solve Folders doubling in server though.

    Any other Ideas ? :}

    Any help is very appreciated.

    P.S. Forgot to mention. I'm Using Open Source Zimra 8 on Ubuntu 12 LTS.
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    Ok, this seems to be an old issue.

    The bug was filed 2009 and has 8 votes so far :/... Not many hopes to get a feature solving this problem implemented soon.

    I do not understand why there are so few IMAP clients which can implement IMAP folders properly?? While creating IMAP account user should be able to select the special IMAP folders himself... Thunderbird is a good example.

    Now it seams that the main advanced solution is to configure EVERY Outlook IMAP account manually . IMAP accounts and saving Sent Items to the server | . This *solves* the "Sent Items" issue in most of the MS Outlook versions.

    Outlook Express 5-6?: IMAP Setup - Microsoft Outlook Express Use: ctrl+F "sent" to find it. This also allows to merge "Drafts" what I find quite usefull.

    A nice comment I have found somewhere regarding the same issue with Otlook 2007: You cannot set Draft/Trash/Junk for IMAP. Outlook 2007 always uses its name for the Junk E-mail folder, while Draft/Trash are always stored locally on the machine. You can google for the post.

    And the nicest part : Outlook 2013

    Choosing IMAP account folder for "Sent Items" seems to be impossible

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