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    Question [SOLVED]Duplicated message body


    I was succesfully upgraded our company zimbra servers from Ubuntu 10.04.1/ZCS 7.2.1 to Ubuntu 12.04/ZCS 8.0
    It seems everything is working fine, our users only reported one problem.

    If a new email is receive what is have html formatted body, then using this email as base as a new replyed compose, the new email window show the original body message twice. The first one is the html formatted message, the second is the plain text version. If im using plain text in compose new emails, then the 'Original Message' part simply show the original message body twice with plain text.

    This issue only occured when the message is formatted with html, the plain text message is fine.
    This issue only occured when i using the Ajax interface, the html interface working fine.
    I tryed with IE8, Google Chrome and Firefox. The browser what i used is not affected, always have the same results.

    This was not occured with the ZCS 7.2.1

    This is a known issue or i miss someting?

    Update: I have a fresh installed Ubuntu 12.04/ZCS 8.0 and this issue is not occured.

    Thanks for the help!
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