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We are currently on 7.2 Patch 1 on RedHat 5 (64bit) and very interested in the appliance concept of Zimbra. From past experience the Appliance always severely lagged behind in terms of development often being versions behind the NE edition. Wondering if anyone knows will VMWare's priority be to keep the Appliance at latest code constantly moving forward from v8?

Also, is anyone actively using the Appliance v8 in a production capacity or has plans to? Would be curious to hear of initial feelings about this product versus NE edition.


Some time ago I`ve migrate from CentOS 5 x64/ Zimbra 7.2 patch 1 to CentoS 6 x64 Zimbra 8
Of course it`s was a different servers.

First server was a OpenVZ virtual server, new server - is a KVM server
And now I have some troubles with performance. New mails via webmail opening too long - near 10 - 20 sec. A really don`t know what wrong - but resault - not good.
New server is: Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 Quad-Core/ 64Gb RAM/3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm

Now I`m really don`t know in what`s the problem - in KVM virtual, or in Zimbra 8

And users near 500 peoples. 80% of them working via webmail