Dear All

We are presently running an inhouse server with Zimbra 6 and our users are working with Thunderbird clients. I am now checking if it would be possible to migrate to Zimbra 8 and the Zimbra Web Client instead. I have made a test install of Zimbra 8 in order to evaluate the web client and I am quite impressed. However, I have found two issues which, if they cannot be solved, are show-stoppers:

1. No way to "redirect" a single message from one user to another. By "redirecting" I mean that user A can manually forward a message to user B without changing the "from" address so when user B "replies" to the message the reply goes to the original sender. (I am fully aware that this type of redirecting is frowned upon in some situations, but in a professional environment in-house forwarding is extremely useful and nothing to be frowned at, e.g. when a message arrives at the main mail address, from where it is redirected to the person best suited for handling it.) I have seen no such functionality in the web mail client.

2. Switch spellchecker language on a message-by-message basis. Most of our users regularly write mails in two or more languages, e.g. English and German. They need a way to easily switch the spellchecker between these languages, but I have seen no such functionality in the web client. (I know, this problem might be overcome by using a browser client that has a built-in spellchecker with language switching capability.)

Is my assumption correct that there is no easy way to solve any of the above issues within zimbra, or did I overlook something? Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards

Kurt Sutter