Hi all,

i'm wondering if the open source zimbra 8 will synchronize shared contacts address books with CardDAV clients. I'm know using Zimbra 7.2.1 and this is not actually the case: the only contacts synchronized with CardDAV clients (mac 10.7 in my case) are the ones belonging to the first address book (in alphabetic order) available on your zimbra account.

This is really annoying since you cannot create a shared Global Address book synchronized with your clients, i know that i could use the GAL Sync account but this remains on the zimbra platform and doesn't sync with CardDAV clients and might not be very suitable if you want to create different address books with different access permissions.

Would you have any suggestions on implementing such functionality? it is pretty useless to have shared contacts address books if clients cannot use them directly in Apple Mail (Contacts that are synchronized from Zimbra to the Apple Address Book with CardDAV are available on Apple Mail).

Is there a BUG for this functionality? every suggestion is very much appreciated!
Thanks in advanced!!