I'm looking at this guide: Restrict sending to certain domains - Zimbra :: Wiki
Just upgraded an internal only email system to Zimbra 8.0 (Release 8.0.0_GA_5434.RHEL6_64_20120907144639 CentOS6_64 FOSS edition.)
It is set with .local domain name so most outside email servers will reject everything, but I'd rather continue limiting it to internal usage only.
Looking around Zimbra 8.0 has changed quite a few things so that postfix changes get saved between upgrades.
This makes those instructions above not work any longer.
I haven't been able to find a good guide on customizing postfix on Zimbra 8.0 so I can at least try a few things out.
Anyone have an idea or know how to go about setting this up for Zimbra 8.0?