I currently use 7.2.0_GA_2669. I am overall satisfied with this version. My one major grip with this version is the Spam Assassin and DSPAM functioning so poorly I eventually went with a 3rd party spam appliance.

I am going to get Zimbra for another company and am wondering if I should stick with 7.2.0 or go with the 8.0.0 version.

1) How has the experience been with version 8. Has there been a lot of bugs or problem with it, so I should follow the rule of "wait for the patch or update" or is it worth installing?

2) Has there been any improvement to the SA and DSPAM engine for Version 8? If so please provide a link so I can read up on it.

3) Appliance or Server - is the Appliance edition for Version 8 as good as the Network Edition. I ask this because when I was purchasing 7.x version I very much liked the idea of the Appliance edition, however I talked to Zimbra and at the time the person I was talking to said not to get the Appliance Edition as it still had problems to be worked out. Any thoughts on this?

4) Also is there a Chat IM built into Version 8. I read a little about the UC with Cisco; however, to start I simply want IM ability for accounts within Zimbra. Is there anything like that?

Thanks for your feed back!