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    Default Web Login Allowed IP


    is there any way to restrict Users/Groups Login to a specified IP? I didn't find anything in the docs nor this Forum.

    I only found the global zimbraWebClientLoginURLAllowedIP Attribute, but this seems not to work. (I tried setting up via zmprof mcf and admin Console, but i'm still able to log in from other IPs)

    THX for your Help!

    (Release 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.)

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    Does anyone managed to use this?

    Only place where i was able to find anything related to zimbraWebClientLoginURLAllowedIP was a help file for the spnego-settings: (line 310):
    - Honor only seletced client IP addresses
    zimbraWebClientLoginURLAllowedIP is a multi-valued attribute, values are regex.
    If not set, any client IP address is honored. If multiple values are set, an IP address is honored
    as long as it matches any one of the values. If client IP is not honored, the request
    will not be redirected to zimbraWebClientLoginURL.
    zmprov md {domain} +zimbraWebClientLoginURLAllowedIP '10\.112\.205\.[1-9][0-9]'

    Is this attribute usable to restrict access to specific domains to given client-IPs?

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    zimbraWebClientLoginURLAllowedIP is only used for SPNEGO when the client IP falls within the specified pattern. If the pattern does not match the client IP, then the user is redirected to a standard login page; not what you want.

    I would be interested in knowing the use case for restricting specific users/groups by IP. You could use iptables to restrict access to the web client by network, but it sounds like you are looking for something more.
    Jason Bryan
    Zimbra R&D

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