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    Default [SOLVED] zimbraPrefFromAddress not working


    We're evaluating Zimbra 8 NE. I'm trying to set up a default From address for our users. We want users to log in using the default domain so they don't have to enter a domain, so it matches everything else here w/AD authentication. Therefore, we have user@domainA for their account and a user@domainB alias for their "real" address (plus other aliases, like first.last@domainB, probably). I'm trying to set the default From address to user@domainB. For example: User "jdoe" logs in as "jdoe" everywhere and we want to preserve that. So I have for the account, and for the alias. I wasn't able to set this up any other way...

    No matter what I do, however, the zimbraPrefFromAddress doesn't work at all. I've tried setting it via CLI, as I was hoping to do from a script during the migration, but that doesn't work. I also tried from the GUI in Preferences > Accounts, but it still doesn't work. It gets set properly, and I've logged out/in and waited a while for it to "take effect", but it never does. It always uses the account address instead.

    Changing zimbraMailCanonicalAddress does change the From address, but I'm not sure that's the correct way to do this (and the user couldn't change it if they have other aliases).

    Does anyone have this working in Z8? Any ideas what I could try or check?

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