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Thread: Zimbra 8 Backup Retention

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    Default Zimbra 8 Backup Retention

    Upgraded to 8 (NE) a few weeks ago, and noticed our disk usage increasing substantially. Turns out that our old backups are not being purged. In "7", I believe there was an entry in cron (something to the effect of purging at a particular # of days). In 8, there appears to be no such opportunity. The admin allows me to set a % (or amount) to keep free, but I've set it 20 times, and it never "sticks". That is, if I immediately look at the parameter again, it has reset to 0.

    I've searched the forums high & low (and the 8 admin guide as well).

    What are my options?

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    ... as the zimbra user type


    to list/edit the crontab. You should see somehting like

    Current Schedule:
            f 45 3 * * 4 -a all --noZip
            i 45 3 * * 0,1,2,3,5,6 --noZip
            d 30d 45 3 * * *
    If there's no entry beginning with "d" your backups will not be purged. The command

    zmschedulebackup -D
    will restore the default schedule with 30 days worth of Backups.
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