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Thread: Use Zimbra for simple SMTP relay

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    Default Use Zimbra for simple SMTP relay

    Hi There,

    I am a Zimbra newbie so please forgive me if this sounds wierd!

    I have downloaded the eval ZCS virtual appliance. I wish to use Zimbra for relaying emails from an 'internal' network segment which contains a number of servers to a corporate SMTP server on an external network segment. The corporate SMTP server only requires a "FROM" address so i am assuming it is not authenticated.

    1. Can Zimbra be setup to do what I want it to do? If so - How?

    2. Do I need to setup all of the components to do this? Directory server, Mailstore server, MTA?

    Thanks heaps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenB View Post
    1. Can Zimbra be setup to do what I want it to do? If so - How?
    Yes, it can but why would you bother just for a relay? Why not just configure a minimal operating system (of your choice) and install Postfix (or any MTA of your choice).


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