1. When creating a new anything (account, alias, distro, whatever) the interface pops up in a small window. It cannot be resized, thus you must scroll around in this window that is far too small for the info contained. Personally I think the way it was done in v7 (where the main window would change to the "add account" interface instead of a pop up) was better.

2. When you right click on the account list, the first option of the drop down menu is to add a new account. The same is true for the right click menu when you are in the alias list, or distribution list...list. No matter where you are, if you right click you get the "add account" option. That should change to "add [corresponding to list]". Right click in the alias list, you should get the option to add a new alias, not an account.

number 2 is just a thought. Number 1 is kind of annoying. It's like watching a movie with the camera zoomed all the way in.

Anyways, we are LOVING version 8 here at my company. The upgrade was so easy, it was almost scary. Keep up the good work!