We are starting to test the new Office Professional 2013 here. It has some new builtin ActiveSync features and we have attempted, unsuccessfully, to connect to our Zimbra environment with it.

Nothing appears in the sync.log or mailbox.log on the mailbox hosts. The only log entries I can see are happening on the Zimbra Proxy in the nginx.access.log. This is the only line that gets logged and then the Office client says cannot connect or some such. - SOMEUSERNAME [31/Oct/2012:13:54:41 -0500] "OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync HTTP/1.1" 200 5 "-" "Microsoft.Outlook.15"

I'm not an ActiveSync expert so I'm just guessing here....but it seems that the Zimbra Proxy is receiving the ActiveSync OPTIONS request from the client and either ignoring/dropping the connection because it doesn't understand "Microsoft.Outlook.15"......or the client drops the request because it doesn't understand the response it's getting back from Zimbra Proxy.

Has anyone else done any testing with this yet?