Since the zmprov tool is very heavy and takes at least 5 secs (on my server) to set an account attribute, I was wondering if it is possible and what syntax to use to modify multiple attributes with one zmprov call?

In a script reading a tab-delimited/csv file, I'm doing something like this:
zmprov ma $uid@$domain zimbraCOSid "$cosid"
zmprov ma $uid@$domain cn "$uid"
zmprov ma $uid@$domain givenName "$first"
zmprov ma $uid@$domain sn "$last"
zmprov ma $uid@$domain displayName "$first $last"
zmprov ma $uid@$domain zimbraPasswordMustChange FALSE
zmprov ma $uid@$domain zimbraPrefGalAutoCompleteEnabled TRUE
zmprov ma $uid@$domain zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled TRUE
This takes about 45 secs per user. If I add more "ma" commands, it will take even longer. Thanks in advance.