first, sorry for my bad english,,
and i know there's alot thread discuss about this topic, but it's still hard to find the answer,,

Like the title said, my zcs run in the network with proxy and i am success to use zimlet trough the proxy, but there's another story for the updates. if i try to update via web browser, the web browser will be freeze, and when i try to update via cli using zmcheckversion -m the result was :

system failure: Failed to send HTTP request to version check script.
[] ERROR: Error in versioncheck util
com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapFaultException: system failure: Failed to send HTTP r equest to version check script.
ExceptionId:qtp162281097-589: eckRequest:1352125778544:7bf7647e3006f374
at com.zimbra.common.soap.Soap12Protocol.soapFault(So 8)
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.extractBodyEl ement(SoapTransport .java:333)
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.parseSoapResp onse(SoapTransport. java:308)
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So apHttpTransport.jav a:255)
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So apHttpTransport.jav a:167)
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invoke(SoapTr
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invoke(SoapTr
at com.zimbra.cs.client.soap.LmcSoapRequest.invoke(Lm 40)
at com.zimbra.cs.versioncheck.VersionCheckUtil.doVers ionCheck(VersionChe
at com.zimbra.cs.versioncheck.VersionCheckUtil.main(V ersionCheckUtil.jav a:107)
usage: zmcheckversion <options>
-m,--manual Initiate version check request.
-r,--result Show results of last version check.
so, what must i do to fix this ?