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Thread: Wrong header when sending mails from alias address in webmail

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    Default Wrong header when sending mails from alias address in webmail

    I have a problem with sending mails from alias address in webmail.

    The mail is transmittet to the recipient with the right address in the mail.
    But the big problem is that in the mail header is my real address.

    The real problem is that i have a local_only_domain where all users are stored @company.local
    Than i have users that have real addresses like

    Now the user xyz@company.local like to send an email to another company with the email address and the recipient server says

    said: 550 5.1.8 Cannot resolve your domain {company.local}

    I have found the option zimbraMailCanonicalAddress that works for one domain.

    But we have more than one Domain to send emails from.

    I have this Problem on FOSS 7.2.1 and on FOSS 7.1.1 and Netwok edititon 7.2.1

    What can i do to solve this problem ?
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