Hi Folks,

I have a Zimbra 8 (OCS) server, and it is hosting a few domains. One domain is "unimplemented", meaning I have not defined any users except "admin" and two aliases "root", and "sa". This domain, "tclc.org" is the "natural" domain on my subnet, meaning all the machines are members of this domain.

I also have an Exchange Server that I am vacating and is currently handling mail for TCLC.org. This Exchange Server has a public IP, not on my subnet. There are TWO MX records for the TCLC.org domain, one out in the world at large pointing to the public IP for TCLC.org and one on my local DNS server pointing to exactly the same address.

If I am authenticated on Zimbra as a user of one of the other domains, and I send a message to members of TCLC.org, the correct behavior is for Zimbra to seek the MX record, which identifies a server somewhere else, and forward to that server, which would be the Exchange server, but Zimbra thinks he owns the TCLC.org domain, and bounces the mail because there is no user defined, unless I am sending to one of the three. I think this only happens because Zimbra is lazy and making an assumption that is either unwarranted or misconfigured, and that is because he knows about the TCLC.org domain, he, therefore has no need to fetch the MX record.

It this bit of bad behavior configurable or is it a bug?

Thanks for the help,