Hi there,

this is my first post in this community. I'm new on Zimbra colaboration suite, and I've some question about my particular configuration.

My network is quite complicated, and I have two NAT one behind the other.
This prejudice that Zimbra will always see all incoming connections to be local, and they are generated locally (192.168.xx) although is generated by an external ip.
In this scenario we understand very well that restrict the authorization with trusted network does not make sense.

My idea is simple:

in order to send out of Zimbra domain (users@mydomain.com -> users@outside_the_world), users MUST be authenticated trough username and password regardless of where the connection is originated.

in order to receive mail, is permitted to the sender outside my domain to send only to users in my domain.

I' ve read some about how to restrict here: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...tml#post235929 but I've some problem.

1) in this way all type of mail relay only if the sender is authenticated
2) my Zimbra 8.0 rewrite all changes I've made in configuration files, so after restart I've lost the configuration

Any help will'be appreciated.