Hi! Recently i was trying to install Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.2.1 on ClearOS - it's CentOS 5.2 with already preinstalled different gateway soft.
Installation passed almost normally - there was only port conflict on LDAP-port 389 (ClearOS has it's own LDAP), but i solved it by changing zimbra-ldap port from 389 to 340. All services was running fine. But after system restart zimbra services don't want to start and i can't start them manualy with zmcontrol - it said that it must be run from zimbra user. I was trying to switch to zimbra's system user with command su - zimbra, but it answered that there is no user zimbra. Yes, and before restart command su - zimbra passed normaly - i tested it after zimbra's complete reinstall.
Unfortunately i'm new to linux, and don't know what to do or where to look. Help me please.

Sorry for my bad english