I've just migrated all of my father's emails to my zimbra server from outlook. Everything migrated fine, but he seems to thing that using a deleted folder is the best way to archive things. There were 40,000 emails in his deleted items folder!!! Most of those emails are crap/spam/junk.

There were over 7400 emails that were "mail undelivered" messages because his outlook was getting exploited. Anyway... Now that I have transferred them all to the Zimbra account, I have created an "Archived" folder and moved all the emails from his deleted folder to his new Archived folder. I went through and deleted those undelivered emails as mentioned but I would now like to utilize Zimbra anti-spam functionality and scan his Archived folder for any spam messages and move them to the junk folder.

Is there a way that I can do this either through the user panel, admin panel or command line?