Hi All,

Trying to setup Multiserver env (RHEL) with each service running on different servers. This is the final config I want to have:

LDAP Master - 1 server
Ldap Slave - 1 server
Mailstore servers - 2 servers
MTA Servers - 2 servers
IMAP/POP Proxy - 1 servers
HTTP PRoxy - 1 server
At a later point in time I may decide to use load balancers.

What should be the DNS configs and hostnames I should be using? For a particular domain, if this is how I setup (sample config) DNS (MX records point to a 3rd party Antivirus/Antispam servers):

ldapmaster.domain.com A
ldapslave.domain.com A
mailstore1.domain.com A
mailstore2.domain.como A
mta1.domain.com A
mta2.domain.com A
imap-pop-proxy.domain.com A
http-proxy.domain.com A

If I use DNS round robin mechanism to resolve multiple servers:

mailstore.domain.com A
mta.domain.com A

While installing the individual servers, I use the hostnames as mentioned above.

For mailstore servers installation, what is the SMTP host I enter during the install? Do I use the round robin dns name (mta.domain.com)?
Similarly for MTA servers installation, what is the MTA Auth hostname I enter during install? Do I use the round robin dns name (mailstore.domain.com)? If I do so, I get the error "Setting the MTA Auth ....Failed" message.

Can someone pls help/clarify on this point? Any help is much appreciated.