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    Question Free/Busy Interop

    I'm trying to configure Free/Busy Interop on our test Zimbra 8.0 server. When I click on the "Check the Settings" button, I get the check.AUTH_FAILED message. Zimbra users can't see Exchange users freebusy info and vice-versa. Followed the info found at the following links with no success:

    • Exchange 2010 Free/Busy Interop - Zimbra :: Wiki
    • Setting Up Free Busy Interop with Exchange 2010 - Zimbra :: Wiki
    • Troubleshooting Exchange Freebusy Interop - Zimbra :: Wiki

    As far as the certificate is concerned, I exported the self-signed certificate from the exchange server and importing it successfully on the Zimbra server.

    Anyone have the same problem and found a way to make it work? Any help is appreciated thank you.

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    have you ever get solution fo rthis issue? I have excatly the same. Exchange 2010, Zimbra 8.0.6 NE, set according to the wiki pages and during the check "check.AUTH_FAILED" appears.


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