After upgrading to 4.5rc1 I get an exception thrown when running zmtrainsa.

This message occurs for every message:
[] WARN: exception occurred fetching message HTTP GET failed: /service/user/b9zligxn@DOMAIN.COM/?id=ce48a9b5-6f24-47a6-9013-9275a7dc6216:914: 403: permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions
at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extractMessage0(Spa
at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extractMessage(Spam
at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extract(SpamExtract .java:254)
at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.main(SpamExtract.ja va:202)

I'm not sure if the training happens correctly; zmtrainsa reports the messages processed, but if it cannot extract the message from the webservice, then I don't know how it can run the training routine.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any suggestions?

Nate S.