I have this issue when using outlook 2010 (pop or imap) with Zimbra 7.2 and Zimbra 8:
- I have an old 128kbps wimax link
- I have configured my outlook 2010 client for pop
- I am downloading the message to the client (2MB size) and it is always stopped in the middle saying that there is an error with the mail server

Although I don't have the problem with outlook express or thunderbird client, only with outlook 2010..

I also tried with a link with higher bandwidth (512kbps) and this time I had a problem when downloading a message with 5MB size and always with outlook 2010 and no errors with oulook express or thunderbird.

I think that it is maybe a bug in my client but has anyone encountered the same issue? Is it a problem with Zimbra?


Jakoba Jr.