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Thread: [Crash] vmdk loss, mount and recovery.

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    Default [Crash] vmdk loss, mount and recovery.


    first things first, i'll try to explain our problem so you can get a general idea of the problematic and what we're trying to do.

    1) The crash :

    Two days ago, we discovered that the back up server was not running properly due to the technicien forgetting to insert the key. We corrected that and the backup schedule launched itself immediatly.
    While doing that, he tried to move around the vmdk from the mail server and it crashed without letting us :
    - recover the .vmdk
    - mount anything.

    2) The plan :

    Today, we have a certified vmware tech working on site and we have 3 solutions :

    2 without data loss, 1 with.

    the first one is simple to understand :

    He recovers the .vmdk and clean it => Back to normal and running without anything to do

    Or , he can somehow manage to mount it and we can recover some things.
    And here is my question... If he does so, would it possible to get the datastore from the installation and move it to a new one ? And if so, what will we have to do to "link" this datastore with another installation ?

    Or is it less risky to just get back the .tgz we created for the import and go at it again from scratch ?

    Thanks for reading.
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