I have tried to search for this issue but haven't found anything so I appoligize in advance if it's already been asked in the forum.

I recently upgraded from Zimbra 7.2.0 running on Ubuntu 8.04 to Zimbra 8 running on Ubuntu 12.04, and now every time I log into the web client I get the message:

"You will be signed out in 5 minutes. Save your changes now and sign in again."

However, it doesn't actually sign me out so it isn't a severe problem but it would be nice to eliminate it. I have tried things like clearing the browser cache and invalidating all the sessions for my user in the administrator console. Also the server has been rebooted after the install of zimbra 8. Since this issue doesn't seem to be common in the forums I'm assuming it's something minor, but I would really appreciate any help resolving it since I can't seem to fix the problem.