Hi Folks,

I am importing some messages from a MailDir archive. I am using the command:
echo addMessage /old-mail /home/cjm/Maildir | zmmailbox -z -m <email address>
Several are in excess of 100 megs, and I am getting an error message UPLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. I have set upload size and max message size to 64 MB, which is admittedly not sufficient for these message, but when I set it to 128 MB, MTA went on strike until I set it back to 64MB. How do I relax this limit without upsetting Zimbra? Is there a command line way to do this? Config File? Is there a command line way to examine these limits?

That's a lot of questions, but they are all related and I suspect anyone who can answer one can answer all.

Thanks for the help,