Hello all, having inherited 150 users in my new role, I have been asked to help as part of the migration from Zimbra to Exchange 2010.

My problem is, that I require for each user to find out what shared folders each user has so as that they can be mapped when the migration is completed to Exchange. Having trawled the forums prior to this, I can see no clear answer...

Ajcody-User-Management-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki

Looking at various posts, I've tried

mbox> adminAuthenticate -u https://ip_address:7071 admin@domain.com passwd
mbox>selectMailbox emailaddress

however this shows all 150 users mailboxes and not their shares...

I'm not a zimbra user in the slightest, so its been a baptism of fire for me... so any help would be highly appreciated, any further info let me know,