I upgraded my zimbra server from 8.0 to 8.01 on Monday of this week.
No trouble with the upgrade.
I have for the last 10 mo rsync the main server to a backup server. And only took about 10min.
After upgrading the main server and the backup server to 8.01. I ran a rsync to the backup server.
This took about 2hrs. to finish.
I than again ran a rsync to the backup server and saw that the rsync took the longest to backup was the
dir /zimbra/data/idap/mdb/db/data.mdb. I than login to the server with wscp and went to that dir. That file was 86 GIG.
A folder /zimbra/data/idap/mdb/mdb.prev on the date that I upgraded was only 197 meg.
I am not have any problems with the email server. I am concerned about the 86 GIG file though.
Now every time I do a rsync to the backup server it takes about 2 hours.
Does anyone have a clue what is going on?