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Thread: Migration wizard ZCS 5 to ZCS 8

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    Many thanks scott.serr, with your help I carried out the first step successfully. To confirm:
    1. I login as zimbra on old server, copy and paste the code
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ zmprov getAlldomains
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ echo "# Create domains"
    # Create domains
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ for f in $(zmprov getAllDomains); do
    > echo "zmprov createDomain $f"
    > done
    zmprov createDomain
    [zimbra@mail ~]$
    I also looked for basic "for loop" and understand the first piece now . Now I understand that the output of first script is a file containing commands to create domains and accounts as well as password?
    I don't need to export and import email, so i don't need the second script, do I?
    Another question, password is encrypted so how can we import it to new zimbra server?

    One again, I truly appreciate your help.

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    I got more information on this and everything goes well now. The main idea is we need to modify user account with hashed password to make zimbra translating those "hashed password" back to "pure password" which user can use to login to mailbox.
    The export-script:
    for i in `zmprov -l gaa | egrep -v 'galsync|spam|ham|virus|stimpson'`;do \
    echo "$i,`zmprov -l ga $i userPassword | grep userPassword | \
    sed 's/userPassword: //'`";\
    Redirect the output to userlist.txt and send it to the new server.

    The import-script.
    for i in `cat userlist.txt`
    zmprov ca `echo $i | awk -F, '{print $1 " " $2}'`
    zmprov ma `echo $i | awk -F, '{print $1 " userPassword " $2}'`
    Just finish this in the LAB and I don't know how long does it take with 1000 accounts If you have any improvement to push the process, please let me know.

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