Hi there,

I'm heading a big problem.
I took over a ZCS 5 Mail System. This was managed by a guy who has left the company.
I got the order to migrate to the open source ZCS 8.
The ZCS8 is running right now, but I'm not able to get the data from the old server.
I was happy to find the migration wizard within the ZCS8 admin console.
but I don't know what to enter in the "LDAP Search DB" field. I've searched about two and a half weeks now but I was unable to find anything about this migration wizard regarding LDAP....

so please help me!
I attatched the screenshots of the migration wizzard. (LDAP Server (the old zcs 5) and the respective username are known and will be inserted. Just the LDAP Search DB field is what I need to insert)