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Thread: ZCS 8 FOSS - Web proxy Issues

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    Hi All,

    I have a strange issue with Web Proxy. My Config is a Multiserver install on RHEL 6.2 64 bit. Have Web Proxy installed on a separate box. The issue is while I am able to login using web sometimes, at other times (seems quite random) it re-directs the requests directly to the mailbox server. And I am not getting a clue as to when this happens? Isn't the whole idea of proxy that the user doesn't directly connect to the mailbox server? I have been trying to look at the log files (/opt/zimbra/log/ nginx.log & nginx.access.log). No clue.

    For exampl: works fine some times ( being the web proxy host

    and at other times the moment I login it immediately re-directs the url to or

    This is happening with all accounts, on different PCs. I even tried clearing the cache & other stuff in the browsers, restart the browser etc, still it happens. And at other times it logins perfectly.

    Any clue is highly appreciated.

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