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Thread: Distribution List and ZCS 8 OpenSource

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    Default Distribution List and ZCS 8 OpenSource

    Unable to Send the Mail to DL after ZCS 8 (Release 8.0.1_GA_5438.RHEL6_64_20121105164412 CentOS6_64 FOSS edition) Upgrade.

    zmprov ckr dl listname@domain user@domain sendToDistList

    Reports ALLOWED.

    Any One who can help ?

    Milter Service is ON.

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    Any One who can help ?
    Not without logs.


    What's reported when trying to send to the list?

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    Does this work on Open Source edition? I am confused. On one hand there are posts in the forum that acls work only on NE not Open Source. Again when I create a DL and set a user (say as owner and login as the owner I see there is a Distribution List Properties tab where I can set who can send mail to the DL. However that doesn't seem to work. Even if I set only members can send, anyone is able to send. If it doesn't work in Open Source, why is the tab available? What should I do to make this acl work?

    Thanks for any help.


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