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Thread: Two server locked account problem

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    Default Two server locked account problem


    I have two server ZCS 4.0.4 RHEL, one running ldap and mta and store the other running only store installed as descrbed in Zimbra™ Collaboration Suite Multi-Server Installation Guide.

    Users are splitted on the two server:

    user A on server 1
    user B on server 2

    i administer users from server 1, if I disable user B then when I try to modify the user properties (web admin or zmprov) I receive an error

    ERROR: account.ACCOUNT_INACTIVE (account is not active:.....

    To modify or remove the user I have to login to the server B, this for me
    is a problem because I use provisioning to create lock and remove user.
    Is this a bug ?

    Thank you

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    We're having a problem like this, too. We send a SOAP request to lock an account, but it's going through a proxy, so it gets handled by either one of our two servers. So in our current setup the request to lock User A's account might get handled by Server 2. We're trying to unlock the account over SOAP too, and that appears to be failing sometimes, probably because it's not going to the right server. We're still using version 4.0.x. Is this a known bug? Is it fixed in 4.5.x? Or is it not a bug? Should we be trying to target our admin SOAP requests at the specific server for the user? For example, send requests to lock/unlock User A's account only to Server 1?

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