Hello, I have new Zimbra installation (8.0.1.GA.5438.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition) most things work fine, but if I change some options in "Global settings", it won't stick, for example I've tried to change:
Global settings -> MTA -> Sender address must be fully qualified (reject_non_fqdn_sender) - uncheck checkbox - Save
add some IP like IP/32 into
Global settings -> MTA -> MTA Trusted Networks
change value in
Global settings -> General information -> Maximum size of an uploaded file for Briefcase, Email messages, Calendar appointments and Tasks (KB)
If I change any of those settings, press "Save" then "Close", go to "Home" screen and then go back to "General settings" page I see that changes I've made wasn't saved.
Also I've tried to change AS/AV settings and some other, same thing, nothing is saved.

It looks like only Global settings -> Default domain stick on place.