hi ,

Still we are using zimbr 6 with domain mail.mydomain.com , Now we are moving over VPS and i have configured Centos machine under ESXi 5 .Now i will simply install zimbra 8 on ESxi with mail2.mydomain.com . after shifting emails i will change hostname of mail2 -> mail and also Mx records.

i have two queries
1)Please suggest me how i can transfer emails from mail.mydomain(zimbra 6) to mail2.mydomain.com(zimbra 8) and want to keep both servers !!
2)i want to run both servers "mail2.mydomain.com on my own office and mail1 on vps and want to sync both so if i lost connectivity of then i can be routed to local server.
Main purpose of syncing is having backup of our server runing on VPS.

Thanks in advance.