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    Default POP3 server side retention

    Hello everyone,

    I'm quite certain that such a possibility does not exist, but I'll ask anyway, just in case it's useful...

    We currently lack resources to keep full snapshots (or backups) of our user data. Thus, it's (currently) impossible to rollback a single mailbox to a previous state. We do have storage running in failover, so we count on that for integrity.

    Our main issue has arisen from an accidental deletion of inbox contents through misconfigured POP3 account... All messages were downladed from server w/out keeping a copy and then purged from the client... Accident we've been told, but not quite recuperable...

    So here comes the question, which in my imagination combines dumpster and retention policy.

    Is there (or will there be) the possibility to instruct the server to flag messages for deletion that have been fetched through pop3 protocol but no copy is set to be kept on server (but not acutally delete them yet) and have them deleted after X days or something like that? In such a case, it would be imperative to be able to recover those messages, of course...

    Zimbra Version is
    Release 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU10.64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition.

    Thanks for your time.

    PS: I'd like to clear out that I'm not talking about the client configuration option to leave o copy on the server... I'm talking about server configuration, to retain messages (invisibly to users) that are to be deleted from server due to pop3 client request.
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