I've completed the setup and install of ZCS on (SLES 11 / VMWare esxi 5.0). Zmcontrol Status shows all services running. Named / Bind are configured and running. Everything on the localhost is fine - routing mail, administration console, etc. However, I cannot connect to either the webmail or the admin console from any other server on the lan, even via strait IP ( The nodes on the lan are communicating, but it acts like the service is either not running on the ZCS server or not listening on the right ports. I also have my router setup with the correct port forwards, firewall rules and NAT transversals, not that this shuould even come into play yet if I cannot connect from the LAN via strait IP. I can't yet blame my DNS setup until I can connect via IP, but I have run through all of the DNS checkpoints in the docs and FAQ's, and they are all resolving correctly. Even though the ZCS services all appear to be running according to Zimbra, linux does not show that ZCS is listening on any of the ports I would expect (80, 8080, etc.) If I were troubleshooting this same problem setting up a regular web server, I would immediately think that apache was simply not up, running and listening on port 80, and would bet the farm that as soon as I fired it up, everything would start working, but since this is my first crack at ZCS I'm not sure how Zimbra presents itself to the OS, maybe there's something I'm missing?

Any input greatly appreciated.