I've got a problem that I hope other Admins out there can help me with. I have several Zimbra open source servers that I manage. When I set up the web client to access accounts I have no problems setting up multiple email sources outside of Zimbra. And I can set up the web client to pull from different Zimbra accounts on the same server (same domain). The problem comes in when I try to setup the web client to access email on a different Zimbra server for a different domain. I go to the Preferences and Accounts and click "Add External Account". It doesn't matter whether I set it Pop3 or IMAP I still get an error. It's hard for me to capture the error because I can't copy and paste the text from the error message, but I'll try and type it in here. The error reads:

Error: d2:CN19:mail.infintiyok.com1:O26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite2:OU26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite6:accept4:true5:alias30:mail.infinityok.com:1 3410717674:fromi1341071775000e4: host19:mail.infinityok.com2:io26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite3:iou26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite3:md532:9f5ABE13C90CD3E2C1B372A2E7241348:mism atch5:false1:s10:12410717674:sha140:B5C171FA3F3CCA B#*F20BDABBE2AD44E34C2F002:toi1656431775000ee

Both Zimbra servers are Open Source versionm 7.2.0

I would like to get this working because I have to check mail from both Zimbra servers and it would be much easier to check it in one web mail interface and not have to do it on two separate computers. Also, I know that I could do this with the Zimbra Desktop client, but that's really not an option because I am not always checking my mail on the same machine. So I have to use the Web Client for getting my mail.

I appreciate any help from the community I can get on this issue.