Dear All,

I'm running ZCS 8.0.0' OSE on Ubuntu 12.04.

I need to provide the following details to the hardware firewall (Cyberoam CR25iA UTM box) as a means of authenticating the users on LAN to monitor the internet usage of users. Details unknown to me are left blank in the below lines.

Server Name :
Server IP : (i provided the LAN ip of the zimbra server)
Port : 389
Version : 3 (is it correct? should I select 1 or 2)
Anonymous Login : (Check box - should it be checked?)
User Name : admin (or should it be zimbra. This field requires input when anonymous login check-box is checked)
password : {adminpassword}
Base DN : ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=com
Authentication attribute :
Display Name : (not a mandatory field)
Integration type : Loose Integration (or) Tight Integration

All the above fields are mandatory, unless otherwise specified.

Please help with the details. In case these details available in the forum, I may please be pardoned and directed to proper link. (I tried following this link : Mail Client LDAP Configuration - Zimbra :: Wiki)