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Thread: How to disable local delivery for domain.

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    Default How to disable local delivery for domain.

    We have hundreds of domain hosted on Zimbra server. Suppose I want to shift from the server to other server. I update MX records.
    There also hosted on Zimbra server. If any users from sends mail to it delivers locally. I want to deliver it to the server which serves as MX for the domain instead of delivering locally.
    This means I want to keep the domain on the server but want to disable the local delivery for the that domain.

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    Hey Tejas,

    you can check zimbraPrefMailLocalDeliveryDisabled option in zmprov

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    Raunaq, thanks for your reply,
    The option zimbraPrefMailLocalDeliveryDisabled decides whether mail should be stored locally if the forwarder is set for that email ID.
    I want the setup where there are multiple domains on the single zimbra server and if user from one domain sends and an email to user of another domain it should be delivered by checking proper mx record.
    Basically what happens if the both domains are on the same server mails are delivered locally. What if I want to keep the setup of domain on zimbra server but want to shift the domain to another service provider like google apps.

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