Hi there.

we've a problem we can't figure out alone.
this is the setup:

- ZCS 5 NE Server (old one)
- ZCS 8 OS Server (new one)

We'd try to migrate everything from the old one to the new one.

So what have we done yet:
- Installing ZCS 8 on Ubuntu 12.4 LTS (64Bit)
- imported Server Cert from old ZCS 5 into the trustcacert container of the ZCS 8
- imported all accounts (none of the groups, resources and aliases yet) from old to new

our actual problem is as follows
while the account creation did work, we're unable to add the mailboxes to the new created accounts.
there's only the information on the migration-screen that "x datasources were started, 0 completed and x failed -- finished" but there is no obvious error messege, where we can see why it won't work.
If I try to import with other credentials, or with other connection type (SSL/TLS/clear) i'll get this error messege every time:

Mail: data source already exists: __imap_import__ Errorcode: account.DATA_SOURCE_EXISTS Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Sender

so my intention is to somehow delete this que. I want a clean import que so I can try again with other credentials and same accounts. Otherwise I soon will get out of possible accounts and can't go on further without reinstall ZCS 8.

is there any one who is able to help me?
it maybe would also be very nice to know how to import the mailboxes correctly. because imapcopy (or imapsync) won't work for us. These tools are unable to copy the date/time of most of our e-mails. we'd try this several times before we'd kick this tool out ouf our focus.