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Thread: Zimbra 8: forced removal of all SMTP software: mail from command line broken

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    Question Zimbra 8: forced removal of all SMTP software: mail from command line broken

    (Distro: Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit)


    When I upgraded from Zimbra 7 to 8, it told me to remove Exim, because it would interfere with the Postfix mailing system Zimbra was going to install (Zimbra 7 did allow it). However, my Exim was installed with the following in /etc/default/exim:

    This made sure it didn't claim port 25.

    The importance of this was, that mailing from the command line worked:

    $ cat /etc/aliases
    mailer-daemon: postmaster
    postmaster: root
    nobody: root
    hostmaster: root
    usenet: root
    news: root
    webmaster: root
    www: root
    ftp: root
    abuse: root
    noc: root
    security: root
    zimbra: root
    # Not using my zimbra-email account. If a lot on
    # this machine fails, including zimbra, I have no mail..
    $ echo "mail me" | mail -s subject root

    It doesn't work anymore. It doesn't give an error. It just does nothing.

    This means that all messages sent by my own maintenance scripts, cron, etc, aren't sent anymore. This is kind of inconvenient.

    bsd-mailx is installed.

    Note: the following does work:

    $ echo "mail me" | mail -s subject
    So, it doesn't expand the aliases anymore. But even when I type "mail" as root, it says "no mail".

    Is there a way to get command line mailing functionality back?
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