Hi Team,

I am trying to setup Email server for around 1000 users. So looking for any server sizing document for that. Or rather Please let me know if I am correct here and which topology woudl you suggest


Trying to build one server with 24 GB of RAM which will have all the components installed on same server, will this suffice the need and can produce the optimized result?

Planning for distributed set up where I'll dedicated zimbra-mta for Incoming and Outgoing server and LDAP, MBX will be on other server. So total I will be having 3 servers for distributing load.

mxin.example .com = RAM 4 GB RAM
mxout.example.com = RAM 4 GB RAM
mbx.example.com/LDAP = RAM 16 Gb

Please advise.

Also what can be planned for secondary MX server